Published on Black Art in America

I know I've been M.i.a in M.i.a but soooo much has happened since I last shared my life's progress here with those who actually read what I write! I miss you all and send my virtual love xoxo.


SO to play a little catch up, I was recently published on who I've been working with for the past year doing advertising sales and foundation groundwork. One of my favorite clients for black art in america, or BAIA as we so affectionately call it, is Savannah college of art and design aka SCAD. Their museum staff continues to amaze me with their exhibition concepts, the permanent collection is astounding, the way they champion their students is second to none, their southern hospitality is authentic, and omg their event menu choices are nothing short of drool worthy. They recently hosted me along with a team of top tier editors for vanity fair, white wall, WSJ, to name a few for SCAD de:fine art 2022. The artists on exhibit deeply impacted me and apparently my editor liked what I wrote about one artist in particular, Doreen Lynette Garner.

Read my article here, I was told it felt like a movie script and that made me feel so proud. I Hope you like it enough to go visit SCAD Museum of Art in person. It will be worth the trip, trust!