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Who is Tracy Ann Simmonds?

My name is Tracy Ann Simmonds and I'm a full time creative, but if you're reading this on my blog then you may already know that. Often as artists when we meet people and they ask what we do, we have a rambling stream of thought questioning where we should even begin. Normally I would start with photographer but I made this video as a way to show my unique quirky personality.

I describe myself as your favorite quintessential artist who knows that what is normal for the spider is chaos to the fly. So let me remind all you spiders to keep weaving your amazing creative webs of mathematical genius in your purpose, and let the flies know they need to watch out for your silk ok!

We do not have to be put into boxes that we can't fit or even fathom trying to fit into. We live in a world where being true to yourself is becoming more and more validated everyday so I want my life to be an example of an artist who thrives specifically by staying outside of the box. It's only my nature. And any haters, try Jesus.

Thanks for watching and subscribing to my channel! You guys rock :) Thanks for reading my diary of a Miami transplant from New York and Chicago with a big attitude and a zest for life. I normally keep the reading time down to about 1 minute per post, and sharing even that much of your precious time, I am grateful for. Follow me in instagram where I post most frequently

I hope all who watch this video are living unapologetically in their purpose and those who want to but are afraid to, I want you to know that you're not alone. We all have to go through obstacles that teach us valuable and sometimes hard lessons but learning to live in the present moments is the best gift of all. Go hard or go home people, carry on ;)

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