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Diamond In The Rough

Ok thirty, forty and fifty-somethings in south florida, question: Do you know Shavon Robinson aka bossy magazine publisher aka @Shevvy_Malibu? Let’s talk real quick about her family as examples of entrepreneurial excellence.

The Black family owned English-Brown Winery in Hollywood, FLorida is her family’s third brick and mortar business venture in South Florida that I think deserves some well-earned acknowledgment. Shavon's mom, Gigi English-Brown, is in my eyes, our very own madam cj walker and we had better show up!

As a witness in this South Florida’s family’s story, I cannot help my feelings of immense joy and deep pride. Their food is legendary at Gigi’s Music Cafe, their groceries are locally sourced at G's Gourmet Market & now the English-Brown winery has me singing their praises once more.

Think comfy, cozy, intimate, warm, fuzziness at a safe distance, exotic getaway from your living room. And did I mention their wine🍷! Being able to see the chemistry tools they use in their craft makes me feel like I entered a steampunk fantasy lab. My cousins and I went last week for their Thirsty Thursdays $5 special (don’t judge my wallet right now!) The blackberry vodka wine special of the night was simply delicious. I wore my new super soft viscose romper and matching leatherette bolero from The Glitter Agency booski Erika Everett.

My fam loves painting with wine and they’re having a Sip N Stroke you shouldn’t miss on January 22nd from 7-11pm. Or you can arrange a private tasting for you and your loved ones. I highly recommend it.

Go visit the English-Brown Winery if you want to get temporarily transported to Roma, Italy 20 minutes from your house.....swoon with me. Dreamy date night ambiance? Check. Sweet & spicy musk aroma? Check. Vintage vineyard vibes? Check. Plenty of Black owned wine on deck! What are you waiting for? Keep up with them on social media @englishbrown_winery and let’s support more businesses that enrich our culture of Black excellence in South Florida.


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