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Cultural Change Agent

Since moving to South Florida 10 years ago I have had the pleasure of meeting some top notch players in this game of life and business. Maybe the most well rounded, poised, cultural change agents in the marketing circle is Yvette Harris of Harris Public Relations. I mean like when we talk about super women, overflowing with Black Girl Magic out the ying yang, with a cherry on top, la creme de la creme, Yvette is one of the best examples I've ever seen in real life.

Once I told her that The Vision Project A Coloring Book For Black Girls Who Rock was released, she hit the ground running, bringing news of my efforts far and wide. She takes her position as a PR Specialist very seriously and has the avenues for accomplishing clients goals in the most efficient manner. At Harris Public Relations, they are known for engaging and thoughtful media relations campaigns, robust and engaging social media campaigns, and pull from 23 years of public relations experience. They have contributed significantly to the positive press and storytelling on behalf of many communities and organizations throughout the nation and globally and obviously pride themselves on making sure that the stories that need to be told are told. Yvette and her team are helping to tell my story so well and I am forever indebted to them. Their level of class and style sets the bar high for the cultural community here in South Florida and beyond!

Check out this feature about The Vision Project in the Biscayne Bay Tribune , arranged by Harris Public Relations and I will release my radio interview with Supa Cindy later this week :)

Big shout out to all the cultural change agents here in Miami

...and anybody I've forgotten to mention you know the charge it to my head quote. I wouldn't have been able to make a home for myself here without you, you know who you are. Keep up the great work. We're at the forefront of a cultural revolution in South Florida! Renaissance people ACTIVATE!!!!!!!

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