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Miami Art Week - Basel Noir

I'm totally jumping for joy as we enter another year of Miami Art Week where fine arts rein supreme and cash is still king. It's ironic that when I moved here 10 years ago there were no shows that I can say I attended just to specifically see what the current pool of Black genius birthed onto the scene. My how things have changed and haven't our cups just been overflowing with artistic acumen! The Greater Miami Convention & Visitor's Bureau organizes a major Art Of Black Miami kickoff event at Hard Rock Stadium every year which really prepares the Black Art enthusiast for the abundance of phenomenal events & thought provoking exhibitions that celebrate our cultural arts.

As an administrative assistant to Frank Frazier's 4th annual Black art showcase We Are Who We Are at Griots Gallery in Little Haiti, I will definitely be focused on providing quality content myself and taking care of our own 14 artists and 6 events throughout the weekend but there are some must see shows that we as fellow Black Artists need to continue supporting.

I'm super excited about our sister show Melanin Rendezvous, the artisan marketplace at Little Haiti Cultural Center expertly curated by Busy Bee Juanita of BZB International Inc. Time to shop for the most eccentric Xmas gifts for those special people in my family who understand my avant garde fashion sense and gift for picking accessories if you know what I mean.

When Frank said to me 9 years ago, we need more Black Art in Art Basel we first came into alignment with the

mastermind architect behind Art Africa Mr. Neil Hall. What a joy it is to witness the growth of such a fruitful garden! I make my way over to Art Africa annually to stimulate my mind in ways that I cannot express with words. Talk about inspiring...My goal is to attend the Wednesday night event THE BLACK PARTY where we ARE the art. Hmmmm what to wear? All Black of course :) Also The Annual Art + Community Talk is a front row seat to the insider perspective on the growth and development of the artistic movements here in South Florida on Thursday Dec. 5th at 6PM.

Prizm Art Fair is also one of my annual watering holes where I go for introspective moments that make time stand still even momentarily, just enough to remind me of exactly who I am and how triumphant our collective spirit is. Prizm reminds me that we are indeed small giants in this wide world of arts and culture.

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