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Paint N Sip Sessions

One of my favorite experiences is making art in a group setting. Be it in ceramic class making wind chimes as a kid or poppin bottles of champagne with your girls while painting, I just enjoy every moment. I have a "twin" cousin Crystal who recently had a "year of the tiger" themed paint-by-number party for her bday and now it’s fair to say were just bloody addicted! Going to each other's houses and seeing the paintings we did together just brings back a rush of the excitement and joy we shared in those inebriated moments of simultaneous laughter and creativity. Who couldn't use more reminders good times and party vibes this year, and why not make some art while we're at it. Cheers to celebrating life!

Our next twin painting will be my favorite animal, giraffe, who reminds us that the turtles in our lives will never get on our level! I will eventually post our finished pieces to Instagram :) Do you like to make art in group settings?


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