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Art for art sake

Have you ever had a day when the kids are running you raggedy and you think to yourself “Lord please just grant me a moment of peace!!!“??? Well I witness my twin cousin Crystal, who's a great mom, having days like that all the time.

Let me set the scene for you:

a beautiful five-year-old daughter who has more energy than a lifetime supply of Red Bull, an imaginative three-year-old son who was obviously a cat in his past life because he climbs fearlessly to the highest heights, and the cherry on top she was babysitting her friends eight year old son who was boiling over with the anticipation of freedom after online schooling all day. Annnnnnnnd...ACTION!

Somehow we found ourselves calmly painting our giraffes who beckoned us to “get on my level”, while simultaneously doing nonstop nurturing and damage control. What could’ve been a super stressful situation became easier as we incorporated art, a most pleasant surprise indeed! We will undoubtedly be making more art for art sake together, not to mention adding to our twin painting collection! 🥂


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