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Black Girl Let Go

A meditation for Black girls to let go of anything that has been holding them back in their personal lives.

A prayer for the inner me to meet the inner me.

A healing vibration was my only intention while working to master my natural rhythms.

Ebbs and flows like the tide of the great oceans that restore my soul.

It's time for Black girls to release the pain caused by the ignorance about our truest history.

Our stories are empowering for others like us but in the grand scheme of life quite heavy as the burden laid on us presses us ever downward.

Time to rise up and let go Black girl.

The weight of the world is just too much to bear.

Let go of all the stigmas other people associate with us, they don't know you like I do.

Let go of the shame in sharing DNA with the most winding organic shapes in all the universe.

Let go of anything and anybody who tries to extinguish your fire, they're lights have been out for far too long to explain yourself.

Let go because I need you, let go because I love you, let go because you need you, let go because you love you.

Black girl let go.

Written and performed by Tracy Ann Simmonds.

Based in South Florida, Tracy Ann is a full time creative who is multi-disciplinary in nature. She has a photography company called Innovative Arts Photography, illustrated a coloring book called "The Vision Project A Coloring Book For Black Girls Who Rock", taught performing and visual arts for 14 years, danced professionally, co-owner of Opulence Creative Group and now decided to try her hand at tongue drum. Tracy Ann Simmonds embarked on a journey to discover the various forms of healing arts two years ago after realizing her Mother Carol Faulkner was naturally inclined to fill her childhood schedule with healing arts activities. The impact the arts have had on her life are indescribable and she wants to share that love of the arts with everyone she comes into contact with. Whether you see her playing her drum, building studio sets or shooting your cousin's wedding, Tracy Ann exudes a joy and zest for life that can recharge any good person's battery.

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