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Low Key Stylist - 30 Minute Challenge

Unless you have the luxuries of time, an extensive budget, and a glam squad on deck united by vision and time freedom, we photographers with a passion for fashion go guerilla and create by any means necessary. One of my BFFs since the summer of age 13, known globally as Kira Divine has always been down to muse for a quick refreshing shoot. It's customary for me to pack a bag and meet her wherever she is in the world ready to style, just in case she's in the mood. We've been playing dress up since we were 17 when I cut off her perm for our dance school trip to California, revealing that fierce mane she rocks so boldly to this day! Don't you love relationships with close childhood friends??!!! Something wonderful about not having to explain everything about everything to someone who knows your heart. We made these images in 15 minutes per look downtown Ft Myers. :) She has always been fertile ground for my creativity to thrive.

Check out some of Kira's unique leading vocals of the dance music group from Australia PNAU which undoubtedly helped them achieve their Aria Music award and 4x platinum status. She is known for wearing body paint from head to toe in bright Caribbean inspired colors, shout out to Queens!

RANDOM FACT: I was shoe shopping off Hillsboro and Solid Gold came on the radio, when I heard her voice I totally freaked out with my cousin like low key groupie style THAT'S MY FRIEND Y'ALL SHE CROSSED OVER!!!!!!

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