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Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week

So I'm taking a moment to write about the lovely Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week on the run! During a totally booked weekend photography-wise I got invited to a mixer downtown Ft. Lauderdale by my good friend Korri Nikkole, I figured welp it's a Wednesday what's the harm. Plus the host was called Housewives In The City so who can resist THAT name?! Little did I know I was about to stumble upon a diamond mine of opportunities to intermingle with a wonderful network of empowering creatives here in South Florida. I got a media pass and attended the Thursday night showcase at the brand new Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach where the opening night show was designed in posh high fashion style, top notch, quality attendees. I honestly would consider last night's showcase a VIP experience sampling Lamborghini wine with fellow mavens of arts & culture. Wanna see photos? :) Check my FACEBOOK PAGE HERE. Have a phenomenal weekend #bookedup #willresurfaceMonday lol

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