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Cannes, The French Riviera

As my family & I strolled the breathtaking streets in the marina town of Cannes, we were awestruck at the similarities to the Caribbean. One of our home away from homes is the eastern Caribbean island of St. Maarten where my Step-Father spent his formative years. Being a former Dutch & French owned island, the evidence of colonization lies in the design layouts of the streets, the stylish charm of the buildings & the personal touches on the exterior of people's homes. Somehow visiting the Motherland of the colonizers put me into a very slight but apparent state of shock & wonder as if picking up a starfish or getting kissed by a butterfly.

Everything felt so familiar from the balconies atop the cafes to the textured streets to the azure blue shade of the ocean & even the alleys between buildings. I had consistent flashbacks of our family vacations when my 6'5" younger brother was actually my "little brother" & the joy we were fortunate enough to embody while expanding our cultural awareness. The street photography scenes I shot in Cannes are a mix of landscape, lifestyle, humor, & architecture. I could move to Cannes in a heartbeat if given the right opportunity, it just felt like home.

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