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Catching Up!!!

Happy June fellow Mavens!!! Well I must say May was so eventful that it seems to have flown right past me without stopping to say good morning and how are you today, would you like a cup of coffee?? But in actuality, I had so many wonderful experiences during the month of May that I wanted to do a quick recap of it all.

It all started out with conversations of mental health issues due to Charlemagne The God's phenomenal interview with Kanye West and I know that it may seem mundane but it really opened the door for my Glass Half Fool Family to discuss taboo issues of mental health amongst ourselves. It's not easy for the African Diasporic peoples to address these issues and so even though Kanye's million dollar soap box does not always impress me, it absolutely has a relevant place in today's society. I made a funny little clip addressing his foolish comments though because we all know Ye has oral diarrhea {~rolls eyes~}

My bestie from Mexico came to visit me and in Miami fashion I took her for a day of nude bathing at Haulover Beach and had a semi-weird-nude Wakanda forever moment with a fellow Black Panther fan after mourning the outcome of Avengers Infinity War together. Funny how Black Panther can bring people together even in the oddest moments {~church hugs fellow fan while nude~}

I had a moment of clarity while swimming in the ocean and decided that I should embrace my full beauty and went to the barber for a spontaneous big chop and dyed my #TWA blue green which I've bee

n getting so much love and compliments on by the way. Super happy about that decision.

My mother came down to visit from NYC for Mother's Day and that was such a major highlight of my May. Those of you from NYC can relate to me when I say I'm terribly homesick but AIN'T GOING BACK!!! No way I can move back to NY and dig cars out of snow during the me spoiled {~shoulder shrugs~} At least I got to hug her up and kiss her up and treat her to breakfast on Mother's day, after all she's 85% of what I miss about home anyway! Bought us matching bracelets from India too, we really have the same hands lol.

SUPER NOTEWORTHY: I paid homage to our Black Shining Prince El-Hajj-Malik-Shabazz aka Malcolm X on his birthday with the good people of Afrikin, an amazing cultural connection organization based in Miami that brought me home

subconsciously with their Brooklyn-style event held at Zenith Art & Fashion downtown Miami. The platform of their event had me on cloud nine for about a good ten days with the best Ethiopian food I've had since leaving Chicago, African drum & dance galore, fierce runway hair & fashions, a panel discussion that I could have sat and listened to for another 2 hours, and a dope presentation by the Honorable Lauriat Muta Baruka of my homeland Jamaica. Talk about my cup runneth over! Full photo gallery up on Miami Culture Maven's facebook page for tagging and sharing.

Two fellow photographers with amazing vibes, Master Q and Korri Nikkole called me up and said "LET'S SHOOT" so without hesitation we made beautiful creative synergy together. And then I jumped on a plane and headed to Guyana for Carnival!!! As I landed back in Miami on Tuesday, Bossy Magazine asked me to cover Miami Fashion Week events for them and I jumped at that opportunity quicker than Roadrunner when he sees Wiley Coyote. In a nutshell, my May was filled with enjoyable experiences, happy people, cultural magic, fashionable extremes and travels unimaginably fulfilling. I guess April showers really did bring me May flowers, hope June can compete...

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