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Erika, "Why Does Custom SLAY Cost So Da#$ Much?" #LetsTalk

Hey Glitterdolls!

So let's TALK! This is such a "MUST-HAVE" conversation. Everyone wants their Beyonce moment, and I am sooo delighted when you come to me to fulfill that request. But truth be told, "the moment" costs! As it should! I have discovered that many do not understand the cost differences and breakdown between shopping at the mall and custom designs. Some, have never had anything custom made before, and others prefer "getting a deal" over quality work. It's time to take you ALL to Custom Slay School for a better understanding, not of what you're paying for, but what you're investing in.


Hate Shopping At The Mall

1. Someone MAY (most likely) have on what I'm wearing #TwinFear

2. Can't find in-store what's in my head

3. Love the outfit, hate the fabric

4. Fit at the hips but waist is too big

5. Cheap fabric PERIOD!!!! (let's be honest, I can list this twice!)

6. Cute but it can use more POP!

7. Fitting room doesn't give one-on-one feedback

8. Ordered it but will it arrive on time?

9. I lost weight, now have to find a seamstress before the event

10. Zipper rips, I got what I paid for...


Love Custom TGA Slayage

1. Guaranteed to be the "One & Only"

2. I sketch your vision into reality

3. Fabric & color preference - CHECK!

4. Tailored fit all over for your authentic curves

5. I only work with QUALITY fabric

6. I believe, MORE IS BETTER! The more creative and over the top, the better!

7. I require one-on-one fittings to guarantee perfect fit. We discuss every detail at fitting.

8. My garment deadlines are ALWAYS met - Accountability - SUPER CHECK!

9. You lost weight, YOU GO GIRL! Just come back, Glitterdoll for the perfect SNATCH before your BIG DAY!

10. Invest in quality fabric, & a personable experience... your Instagram hits will thank me later!

Social media has taken fashion to another level, you want to look like this but pay that. Invest in the SLAY, Glitterdoll. Any Designer will confirm that we cannot pay for your requested fabrics in pennies. So consider realistic expenses along with intricate design detail which requires time, and guess what, time is money! Some garments can take 2 hrs, some can take 8 weeks to create, and for those that do require an extended amount of time, a $150 budget will not cut it. Sorry ladybug, but let's keep it real! There is a valued respect of skill, time, and commitment that goes into every stitch. There is a value to the SLAY.

I have found that there are two types of interested customers: One that believes this is only a one day event, "I'm not spending that kind of money for one day". Then there is the other client that believes once in a lifetime moments should be savored and invested in. Guess which client I encourage contact me for design services? (wink)

During consultations or phone meetings, I always encourage interested customers to establish a budget. Some know how much they can afford and some do not. Ultimately, you know what you DON'T want to pay, having an open conversation with your designer will allow realistic options and narrow down options that do not fall in line with the budget. From there, we can move forward, my services may or may not be the best fit for you and that's ok. I will always wish you the best of luck on your Slayage debut!!!

It's 2018 love, invest in YOU & #GlamUP! Hope you have a better understanding of why and what you are investing in. Feel free to drop me a line for price quotes, PROM & BRIDAL SEASON is surely upon us!


~Glitter, Light & Love

This article was contributed by: The Glitter Agency

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