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African Fashion Week 2018

Here's a special shout out to the most epic Black History Month I can remember in recent years. I started my #BlackHistoryMonth with a bang at the Historic Ali Cultural Arts center in Pompano Beach at the amazing exhibit of 3D original art by prolific Nigerian Artist Adewale Adenle whose work addresses important figures in African Diasporic history {~on exhibit through March 29, 2018~}. Then my friends and I bought out a whole row in Sawgrass to see Black Panther the day before it officially was released, dressed to the Gods in Afro-Futuristic slaydom which was reposted by The Shade Room and received over 57K likes in 1 day!!! We felt the LOVE xoxo {~falls to floor and does break dance spin on head with flawless landing pose~}.

The very next day I flew over to JA for the Jamaica African Dance & Arts Festival in the serene Mammee Bay where I reunited with my Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago family for an authentic revival of both my Jamaican & African roots of drum, song & dance. I was honored to teach an impromptu Kemetic Yoga class in an ocean pool during the festival as well {~I had forgotten how much I loved teaching, omg!~} Upon returning to Miami, African Fashion Week just snatched me right up into another whirlwind of fierceness from an African-Diasporic's been a very memorable February for me {~wipes sweat, takes power nap, back at it~}.

Now about these winds of African fashion that grabbed me by the TWA...I always look forward to seeing the creativity of some of the most amazing designers and how they not only use African fabrics but incorporate their own cultural identities into the work. I was truly impressed by @JeanDecort507 from Panama and his use of the gorgeous monarch butterfly patterns in the original textile design which he then elegantly created high fashion pieces out of.

The luxurious resort wear by @AdjanieMuller showcases some of the most universal African fashion I've seen to date. I feel like her pieces are for any and everybody who wants to rock the culture on more of a subtle level with an elegant mindset, always refreshing to see her new styles. My favorite color on the runway this year was the soft mustard yellow in her collection paired with bold blues & purples.

Having a bestie from Guyana made me really pay attention to @DeborahRoseDesigns who's bold statements in fashion are drool-worthy, theatrical, floral covered, architectural works I could definitely envision on the silver screen.

Ghanaian designers @Ya Rona showed us what all of our potential husbands should have been dressed like for the Black Panther preview...{~LIKE DUH!!! SUPER OBVI...rolls eyes at the men in my family~}. The clean lines and masculine shades of green, burgundy, purple, blue, red & black in their work lended to a distinguished look that would flatter any African Diasporic man. Take notes fellas! These clothes are clearly made for royalty.

The youngest fashion icon in African Fashion Week is @FabianandMom who graces the runway every year since he basically came into the world lol. As the host Comedian @ChelloBlueMagic pointed out, it's a joy and pleasure to watch him as he grows into a possible fashion mogul, thanks to his amazing Mother Benita who started the business as a supplier of African fabrics. She's our main go-to for all things Ankara here in Miami.

Closing out the show was African-American designer @WamuiriCouture whose pieces embody a seamless blend of phenomenal African fabrics with American style. I particularly always love the shape of her skirts, very full, fun to twirl in, 50's style, a-line-esque silhouettes that flatter every body shape. Her creativity in adding leather belts and the perfect shade of high gloss metallic shoes really brings the line to life for me.

I am definitely charged up to take on the world to put it mildly. I just feel like the universe is in perfect alignment to open cultural dimensions here in South Florida where we tend to experience cultural droughts {~coughs, shifts nervously~} Of course I would be remiss to mention my sister-from-another-mother Simone Hylton of @Natural Trendsetters & her team of fantastic stylists who add the finish touches to the runway looks and even has a segment featuring live styling annually.

Countless thanks to the visionary and CEO of @Ankara Miami Inc, @Evelyn O. who I often remind that for me, she helps make South Florida livable with her mission to bring the culture here and normalize interactions for cultural exchanges in fashion, art, music, dance and love.

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