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Struts Miami A Drive In Fashion Show

When I think about Aguy Smith of DezignNationProductions the words clever, prolific, innovative & avant-garde all come to mind instantaneously. A creative genius in her own right not only as a fashion show producer but also as an exclusive celebrity stylist, she and her team have taken fashion shows in Miami to another level raising the bar of runway slayage to a height only she can hurdle. I arrived to the Hallandale Beach rooftop venue not knowing what to expect. From the title, attendees could only make assumptions about past experiences with going to drive in movies. Wisdom however tells me that to get the best out of any situation, I must go into it without any expectations whatsoever, this is the best secret ever told and in the case of a DezignNation production quite honestly that's the thrill.

Questions like "which way are the models coming from?" are obsolete as the inner workings of Aguy's mind show the spontaneous nature of her endless ingenuity, displayed on a massive stage for all to witness....but I'm getting ahead of myself trying to explain the level of excitement in the air as we all waited there on the rooftop for whatever was to come. Let's talk pre-show entertainment.

As live art is always a phenomenal addition to any and every great production in my view, we watched larger than life paintings evolve from infancy to near completion in a matter of hours. The artists Crimson Motif, Berlaine Hart & Shar Star can be found on Instagram showcasing their beautiful works. The band was NEXT LEVEL, like mind blowing, like real explosions going off in my mind!!! Intriguingly named Elements The Brand they played a set soooo hard I forgot I was waiting for the show to commence in the cold night air, they were a real treat. Their level of artistry caused my expectations of the show to raise even further and my anxiety built up into my throat. Even though we were freezing for Florida, we weren't moving until we had seen what we came for. I donned a trench coat, knee high boots and leather gloves because if you know me I'm deathly afraid of being cold....forgetting my fears almost out of my mind that the band was that good, I was shaken back to reality by local artist & radio show host Stichiz announcement that the show was beginning. Further up the rooftop we went.

Attendees cars were lined up on each side of the roof creating a fierce catwalk with a large movie screen in the middle and the radio station set in each car as if it were truly a drive in movie. The opening scene seemed to be straight out of a modern film, cinematographic in lighting arrangement. As I sat at the end of the runway in the media section I became blinded by headlights as two souped-up sports cars began slowly driving towards us. Out emerged three models dressed in urban fashion with a west coast gangster rap vibe, proceeding to teach us all exactly what a drive in fashion show was. We saw original designs by {~who I had the pleasure of watching in ultra focused beast mode backstage~} Sivad Ade, Cuffed Design fashionable leather accessories for men display some magnificent pieces that suit the important {~and more importantly stylish~} men in our lives ladies. Very debonaire and somehow the brand just made the men look FINE...but maybe they were fine WAS runway lol. I digress.

The following set highlighted Aguy's styling services through her platform Vinu Styling Studio live on stage complete with the Queen Mother, Aguy's mom & the reason fashion flows through her veins. As a friend and a fan it brought tears to my eyes watching "Mama-Guy" strut her stuff. It was as if I was seeing Aguy in a few decades. My assistant Jace put it so eloquently in saying "The fashion was cutting edge and the models were the perfect canvases to display them. Stylistically it couldn't have been more perfect and the demonstration from Aguy herself made it all the more breathtaking". She continued by reminding me that "the way it was recorded {~live~} on the screen was outstanding- it felt so real and professional like we were actually at NYFW, really brought a lot of charm and class to the event."

Intermission livened us all up with the marching band from Miami Northwestern High School and we found it to be a really good upbeat way to keep the mood going strong while warming our hearts to see these young gifted children of color alive in their element. I danced the whole time so more than just my heart was warmed ok! Now let's talk finale..

I'm sure all of you fashion fanatics know about Project Runway winner Laurence Basse and her provocative collection highlighting the feminine silhouette in a super sexy mix of leather, fur & lace with embroidered embellishments. I watched her collection set the stage on fire! As a matter of fact, if there was a budget for a pyro-technician he would've been cued in for this amazing collection. I envision myself rocking the leather, tight fitting skirt suit with mink lapel, I mean drool worthy fashion people!

I actually could go on and on about Struts Miami the drive in fashion show because the visual stimulation was seemingly unceasing but I will end with this, anytime you hear the name Aguy Smith of DezignNation just be fairly warned that a superstar is on the rise in Miami fashion and you can never know what to expect. Don't say I didn't tell you! Click here to see the full gallery on Facebook, feel free to tag yourself, Like my page please {~it's brand new~}, and share with family & friends!!

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