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Natural Trendsetters 20th Anniversary

If you know the phenomenal sisters Simone & Trudy (Yanique) like I do then you know how magnetic their personalities are, and magnetism like theirs could only amount to the growing levels of success that they experience in their business Natural TrendSetters. Natural TrendSetters is the first natural hair care center in south Florida & has become a driving force and proven trendsetter in the industry. As one of the first commission based black operations on the market they continue to make their mark on the industry. The owners of the business are Simone Hylton and Yanique Hylton, sisters and powerful business women who together have built the natural hair care industry in South Florida.They recently celebrated their 20th year serving Broward county with a lovely customer appreciation event which included of course the latest in fashion & natural hair care etiquette as well as live entertainment and hosted by none other than Femme Fatale DJ Stichiz & Comedian Razor. Want to see photos from the event?

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