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Kemetic Yoga for Life

In 2012, I went through a major transformation within myself. It became clear to me that I had to start putting myself first because nobody was going to make a full-time job of doing it, the responsibility was mine. I needed a spiritual work. No matter how involved a person may be in religious organizations or community service, if there is no time dedicated to intentional spiritual work within oneself, it will all be in vain. My Kemetic Yoga certification process got the job done! The instructor, Neter Aunkh, is the main reason Kemetic Yoga is a staple in South Florida. His dedication was beyond inspirational, pushing us to meet our personal challenges & take them head on while reminding us that we were going to lose something that didn't belong in our lives by the time the 100 days was over.

Contemplating the laws of Ma'at, yoga, & drinking green juice became an essential part of my daily lifestyle. Priorities fell into their respective places, order was achieved from within, & upon completion of the certification, I became teaching on Hollywood Beach here in South Florida.

One of my favorite aspects of Kemetic Yoga certification was the "Pillar." What is a pillar? Defined as "an upright, supporting part" on, our pillar held us accountable for our actions & discipline. Upon completion of certification, we were assigned a new Pillar as teachers. My Pillar, Kamau, is the Pillar of Pillars! That's why I featured him in my video tribute to those who maintain the Kemetic Yoga circle. I never expected it to go as viral as it did, but I am so humbled that I was able to create a Kemetic Yoga staple in the world wide web of Youtube. What an honor, thank Ma'at!

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