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Sharing My Talents At Jazz In The Gardens

#LatePost I'd like to take a moment to shout out all of my fellow educators {~lik shots buh buh buh~} it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it! As the saying goes "once an educator always an educator" so even though I haven't been teaching formally for 3 years now, after 14 years in performing arts education, it's really just second nature at this point. During Jazz In The Gardens weekend I met this sweet little high energy 6 year old in VIP named Amina. Her Father was on the production team with Hollywood Light & Design who did an amazing job as per usual with every event. Amina was obviously full to the brim with the boredom of "all day backstage life" so I decided to dive head first into her inaugural photography lesson. She honestly shot 75% of the photos in this gallery :) She's Jamaican heritage too so you know we start 'em working young lmao cracks whip...not really...she actually enjoyed herself. We walked around the festival grounds at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens winning light-up prizes, dancing to the soulful live music and taking pictures as the day seemed to fly by without a care in the world. Amina is truly a natural, after all she's a people person which is definitely the main skill needed to survive as a phenomenal Professional Photographer if you ask me. She photographed a few of the attendees as well as Model/Actress Eva Marcille, Actress/Author Bern Nadette Stanis, Miss Miami Broward and the Mayor himself Mr. Oliver Gilbert. She was so entertaining to all who interacted with her and I was happy to have her company for the day. How'd she do y'all???

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