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Underground Lauderdale Fashion Weekend

When my friend Taj McGill of Talk Is Chic Radio invited me for a 2-day fashion outing last weekend I was truly ecstatic. Especially since I've been working my head off this wedding season, I was sooooo glad for the mental break Mavens, now...WHAT TO WEAR?! I kept seeing red in my mind so I went in red crop top with red high waist skirt, red flower crown, Elouinia Exantus' wired-wrapped red glasses and for a Spring touch, my fave Jessica Simpson floral pumps :)

And sincerely without a shadow of a doubt, the Underground Lauderdale Fashion Weekend was one of the most glamorous, creative commercial fashion exhibits I have ever attended in Fort Lauderdale. Friday's showcase was hosted by fashion icon & household name Nina Garcia of Project Runway and very well attended with guests spreading the gamut from Fashion Students & Buyers to the reality TV icons from WAGS Miami Hencha Voight, Ashley Nicole Roberts, her BFF Darnell Nicole & Kim K. look alike Metisha Schaefer. I loved how the President of The Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward Office of Film, Music & Entertainment introduced herself & reminded us that all fashionistas were welcome from high heels to flip flops! Now I'm gonna be completely honest here, there was a high-end purse raffle that I'm still slapping myself for not entering as they gave away at least $15,000 in prized hand bags to some very very VERY lucky winners. The unveiling of the colorful Panamanian-inspired Spring 2017 Nicole Miller collection was the cherry on top of what seemed to be a fashionistas dream come true! Eloquently integrated indigenous yarn-like textures native to Panama & Colombia paired very well with the feminine silhouettes Nicole Miller is re-noun for and accompanied vibrant tassel accessories for days. I ran into some really good friends in the industry and by the end of the night I basically floated all the way home LOL.

Saturday's daytime exhibit was completely avant-garde as guests were released into a room reminiscent of an Alice In Wonderland experience complete with Dominatrix, Yarn Boobs, Male Geisha, Cubism, Warriors & lots of spikes! It was delightful in a bizarre out of this world kind of way. I witnessed the exhibit captivate the audience in a refreshing fashion museum sort of way. There was also an open aire photo booth complete with grass & flower wall that I fell in love with, a wheel to spin for awesome prizes {~I won a $20 Century 21 gift card yaaaaaay~}, vendors with high quality skin serums, lovely Fruit Wines and dresses that transform into about 10 outfits. I am so happy I took the invitation to decompress, totally worth it and I can't wait until the Underground Lauderdale Fashion Weekend rolls around again next year.

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