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From The Queen Herself

It's not everyday that the average person would find themselves in the presence of royalty....good thing my Mother is far from average! Being as humble as a dove with the might of a hunting lioness always leads her into the most captivating situations. To make a long story short, she befriended a Chief's wife from Sierra Leone with a heart of gold. One day Mommy was asking for my measurements & the next we were opening package after package of tailor made authentic African skirts & dresses. (~No Chinese knock-offs here!~) Talk about a dream come true! If you're reading this your majesty, I extend my deepest gratitude to you & your amazing Tailor M. Lamin Mansaray for exposing our family to the high quality garb & classy mindset of our continental African relatives, we will never forget this phenomenal experience. Wishing you & yours all the best in your future endeavors & I pray we meet someday :)

"Queen Emy and her family are originally from BO town, south-central Sierra Leone, West Africa. Located near the intersection of roads from Freetown and Makeni, it became the largest town (and for a time capital, 1930–61) of the Sierra Leone Protectorate. The commercial hub of the interior, it trades in palm oil and kernels, ginger, coffee, cocoa, and rice, which are transported mainly by road to Freetown (108 miles [174 km] west-northwest).

Bo has been the educational centre of the interior since the opening in 1906 of a secondary school for the sons of Mende

and other chiefdoms; it now has government, Christian, and Muslim schools, a main library, and teacher-training colleges. Several periodicals are published locally. Bo also has the largest government hospital outside Freetown. They now live in Freetown, the Capital (filled with gold, diamonds, minerals etc) I am so grateful to get to know her." ~Carol F. Faulkner

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