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Mauve Colored Lenses

When I think about the age old adage, "to see the world through rose colored lenses", it speaks directly to my personality. No matter the task, challenge, human circumstance etc I am the optimist with a glass always half full and a smile on my face. At times my naïveté will reveal itself to those in my inner circles and a scoff may come my way as I keep very little malice in my heart and expect no less from others, coupled with a purely happy-go-lucky attitude. Be that as it may, these rose colored lenses through which I view life are somewhat of a double edged sword as I am often taken aback when confronted with the extremes of human behavior and dysfunction. Shouldn't we all just lower our expectations of others thereby eliminating any accountability? Maybe then the pains of betrayal for instance wouldn't affect us as profoundly. Maybe the atrocities of war wouldn't be so appalling and having to fight in the streets of North America to prove that #BlackLivesMatter wouldn't be as tedious. If only I could remove these rose colored lenses so that the ugly truths & realities regarding the ways of this world we live in would remain at the forefront of my mind......but I cannot. The way a rose in bloom opens up and shares its divine fragrance with me as I pass and stop to take a second whiff is exactly why I will now and forevermore see the silver linings in life first & foremost. The sweet laughter of an innocent child, the songs of swallows in the morning, the hummingbird's brief drink of nectar, the dog's smile and wagging tail, these ubiquitous signs that purity still exists amongst the chaos allows me to maintain my sanity. And now I've decided to exchange rose for mauve.

I invite you Mavens, to keep your glasses on!

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