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Ankara Swim 2016

Hi my name is Tamia aka Mi Mi Fashionista. I am thirteen going on twenty-two lol with a true sense of style and swag {~I get it from my Momma!~}. I'm so happy to be spending summer vacation with my family down here in South Florida & I even get to attend a real "high" fashion show with my cousin Tracy Ann aka the Miami Culture Maven. She's taking me to Ankara Swim Week this Saturday! {~like seriously geeked, still chill though...what to wear!???~}

I'm super excited to see African inspired swimwear down here while I'm on vacation in Miami. As a young fashionista, I am always looking for new trends to share with my friends & fam. I have only seen elegant African gowns and dresses so it will be interesting to see African prints in swimwear. I really like African prints because they are generally very bold & colorful. If I had to choose my own African design, I would have a long flowing strapless dress with a train. I love the hot pink prints I've seen with a touch of gold like a real African princess. Can't wait!

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