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Juneteenth / Summer Solstice

In my inaugural year of celebrating Juneteenth with the African-American community in Delray Beach at Old School Square, I've observed a great many things as a semi-outsider. Coming from a Jamaican heritage, it was very interesting to even honor the abolition of slavery as I'm not sure we do that in our island culture. We pretty much just burned the cane fields and killed the slave masters for our freedom. But to think that a slave wouldn't have known the truth about his free status until 2.5 years after the fact...well it kinda boils my blood. Either way, I've observed a great many things about Juneteenth:

  1. African descendants are absolutely some of the most resilient people on the planet!

  2. When we come together on one accord, magical & mystical occurrences take place

  3. Music speaks deeply to our souls & ignites our passions for all that is righteous

  4. Our art truly embodies our continuous struggles for our own acceptance of the freedom to be unapologetically ourselves

  5. When we shake our hips, I swear time stands still! Belly Dancing by Cultural Expressions

Seeing how aligned we are with the universe, it's no surprise to me that Juneteenth is only 72 hours away from the Summer Solstice...but let me not get TOO metaphysical here...bottom line, as a people of tenacity we must continue to push forward in our daily struggles. Pay attention to the signs of change & be prepared to ride it's massive waves. We too can continue our journey to greatness!

Check out my Pan-African fashion per usual! :)

Tank, Earrings & Headwrap: Goddess Fashion Factory; Sunnies: Fashion Story; Shoes: Just Fab; Skirt: ViNu Styling Studio; Cowries: Gifted; Silver Ra 3 Finger Ring: Fanta Celah; Pharoah Horus Adjustable Ring: Limba Gal

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