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Beyonce Tour: 8 Reasons I Am In "FORMATION"!!!

BEYONNNCCCEEEE!!! Girl, you are winning my heart over more and more! Opening up, expressing your badazz sexuality, and expressing the pertinence that Jay-Z understand the #GirlBoss that he has!!! I have said it once and will say it again, "Who cheats on Beyonce?" and WHYYYYY!!!! I have asked my boyfriend this question all day after experiencing Beyonce's Formation World Tour last night. And also while prancing around the house screaming, "I'M IN FORMATION!" Poor guy, I've been fussing at him all day because of Jay-Z! Oh well!!!

Me & my SisterFriend, thanks to her I was able to go!!!! Love that dern girl!!!

Anyhoo, here are my TOP 8 Reasons I Am In FORMATION: 1. This is my second Beyonce tour, and the production value is top-notch every time! 2. Beyonce and her dancers ignite your inner sexy diva, they make you feel like your choreography in your seat is right on point with theirs!!! 3. .... it's not, well atleast mine isn't, so I am signing up for these pole dancing/ sexy chair teaser classes, ASAP! 4. The bodysuit SLAYAGE!!! Her designers are so creative with their performance garbs. 5. Beyonce's sincerity for her fans, and family is so heartfelt, every time. She embraces the moment... from dancing as a little girl to now touring all over the world is NOT taken lightly. 6. The chick can sannnngggg, and I mean OPERA riffs... WHILE DANCING!!! 7. Forgiveness and humility ... he knows her husband wronged her and still openly and lovingly respects and honors him. 8. My last and final reason, I am in FORMATION with Beyonce... Yonce is a sexy thug! I have come to this conclusion with her Naw'leans curvy, Texan swagg... BEYONCE... hear me good ya'll...get closer to the going to... release a rap album SOON!!!! Mark my words... yoou heard it here first! The Glitter Agent declared it! Beyonce, Blue Ivey's momma, Jay-Z's wife (you better get your act together sir!), is going to drop a rap album and I don't mean rap singing like she's doing now. I mean, drop a beat and become the next #1 Female Rap & R&B Artist!!!! And the album will be FIYAHHHH!!! Jay Z will make sure she has the best writers and beats, and Beyonce is going to lay down amaze ball lyrics, just you wait and see!

I have a confession, I still haven't seen the "Lemonade" video but after last night's concert, I am definitely making it a priority so that I understand the concept and cinematography behind all the vital elements. The reason why is because, it actually took me a minute to join the Beyhive nation, but I can say my unicorn wings are closely hovering the Beyhive for entry!!!! It was an excellent concert, and I pray continued #GirlPower peace for Beyonce and healing for her marriage - we don't judge here, we only toss glitter! (However, we can side-eye Jay-Z!) Ha!

~Until the next unapologetic adventure, glitter & light!

P.S. We met some kewllll Cuban chickadees who needed a ride from the stadium to their Uber location after the concert. I guess we looked friendly because they sure did knock on the window while we were waiting in traffic to ask if we'd take them a few blocks up. ONLY IN AMERICA!!! (#Friendly)

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