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Our Lady Lupita

So I know it's been a while Mavens! No excuses though.....except [~silently screams with excitement!!!~] my wedding photography business INNOVATIVE ARTS PHOTOGRAPHY has been totally taking over my timeline lately, [~in a really really good way~]. I don't know about y'all but I have been in need of some MAJOR cultural fashion inspiration for summer & in my search for a dark & lovely beautiful culture maven, I reached out to our dear friend google to check out Our Lady Lupita and her consistently confident configurations [~say that 10x fast...whew~].

Dear Lupita Nyongo, thank you so much for refilling my fashion tank! You make me proud to be who I am and oh so happy to see undeniable talent from the Motherland. Miami Culture Maven salutes you. May the fashion Gods bow at your feet and the universe maintain couture balance, in the name of all that is fashionably fierce, AMEN!

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