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#TeamWaistTraining -Mmmm, NOPE!

Are you ready for a New Year filled with glitter and magic? I am! This year, I decided to do things a little differently and share more of my THOUGHTS (although quite random at times lol) along with adventures with you guys. I've been blogging for a few years now and I truly enjoy when I can just be myself and share moments with you! So in 2016, let's do more of that! Get Real. Share the adventure. Laugh More & Toast to life...Cheers to the Fab!

So first up, let's get into this reawakened era of the waist training corset take over... I know what a random topic to kick off the New Year (don't say I didn't warn ya!), but I recently experienced this near death experience (ok, maybe I'm being a little over dramatic but it was close enough! lol). Let me set the scene and you be the judge...

A little over a month ago, a girlfriend of mine gave me the low down on why she loves her waist training corset - mind you, she is a healthy entertainer with a kuhrazy athletic building and killer quads. So I'm already eyeing this chick like "Why do even OWN a corset?", needless to say I had a photo shoot coming up so I let her talk me into wearing one for the shoot. I head over to her place so she can show me how to put it on with the outfit.... & here is where the life or death moment comes in, take a seat!

I get to her place, and she shows me what to do then trolley's back out the room to answer the doorbell. I wrap the corset around me and notice there are 3 different rows - Tight, Tighter, and my-lawd-God-is-that-You-Tightest. So of course, I opt for the first level because in my mind, "Hey, I don't need that much cinching just a little fine tuning for a "flawless" look for my shoot". Sidenote: I NEVER wear slimmers, spanks, or anything like that. I used to wear girdles back in middle school, yes, I said middle school but since I've grown into being me, I just prefer to rock what compliments my shape or add more fitness goals to naturally redefine my shape altogether. I'm one of those who rather workout and discipline myself with my eating habits - it just works for me. Anywhoo, back to the story, I wrap the corset around me and start latching the hooks in the first row, although slightly constricting I manage to fasten them up to the top. In my head I am thinking, "This is soooo not me, hell I barely like wearing clothes, I rather walk around free and naked so THIS is not going to work for me at all." My girl comes back into the room and says "Noooo you've got it on the wrong one! Let's put it on the next, if not, last level, it's got to be tight!" And I'm like "Tighter than this?" and her exact reply is "Yes, beauty is pain and you have to look SNATCHED!"

So I go along for the ride and let her readjust it. Do you know it took, not ONE but TWO people (not including myself) to readjust this waist corset to the second level. I must be the dumbest woman in America to allow two corset advocates to reel me into this place of contortionism in the name of fashion. As I'm complaining and gasping for air, all I can think of is, "WHYYYY DO WE (women) DO THIS TO OURSELVES?", I doubt men are questioning how their waist looks". Meanwhile, as I reflect on the 32 years of life and would like to experience more if I can get out of this contraption, I hear their chatter in the distance, "Ohhh yeah girl, beauty is pain... one time I had it on so tight I couldn't feel my toe... Some women sleep in it... Be lucky if you can eat while wearing it". ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! This can't be real life, we can't be that caught up in conforming that we jeopardize our health to appear flawless.. CAN we?

Now that the corset is on, I might as well put on the size-small-bodice-that-I-should-have-purchased-in-a-size-medium-from-the-store-to-avoid-this-foolery since I made it this far! I have to admit my barely-B's did sit up a little higher with more VaVaVoom for "BOOBage" sake, HOWSOEVER the lack of oxygen circumventing through my body along with limited range of motion prompted me quickly to disrobe! Ignoring their laughs, and "Aweee Erika, come on it ain't that bad" comments, I decided to explore this further and blog about it! Some of you may live by, die by the corset, and refuse to give it up, pleaseeee enlighten me - WHY!!!

Because here are my issues/hesitations/ head-tilting reasons behind why I can't do corsets:

  1. I CAN'T BREATHE! And I like oxygen, it kinda makes my day! :)

  2. Too constrictive, I already don't like being told what to do...

  3. Limited laughter!?

  4. Can I drive with this thing on?

  5. Did I mention, I CAN'T BREATHE! Plus excessive SWEATING when NOT working out!

  6. How do my organs feel about this? Are my lungs, ribs, and kidneys ok with this?

  7. Does it truly activate my oblique muscles? Does it benefit strengthening my core long term?

  8. When I hug someone can they feel they "allusion"? Will they know my secret? Judge my intention?

  9. Will I be able to eat, enjoy life, and be in the moment wherever I am, or will I be counting down the hours I can get back home and out of this thing?

  10. After a night out, would I rather my partner see a little natural "pudge" or these grid lines created on my waist from the corset? #NotSexy

  11. Most importantly, can I still say I'm a woman who owns who she is, accepts her body and ROCKS it, unapologetically if I wear a corset? Am I going too deep?but thought-provoking...

Don't get me wrong, I am all for the sexy, burlesque appeal-sweetheart bodice and all, just be mindful and careful with how your body is effected when "waist training", muscles are to be trained not strained. And remember, "If it's too tight, it ain't right. If you can't feel your toe, it's got to go!" :) Now, I'm not downing all wraps, I'm currently using a wrap with velcro for my back since the recent car accident I was in. It's beneficial for posture and helps with the pain. All I ask is that you be sensible with healthy intention.

If you're a regular to my blog, reading only without commenting, pleaseeeee change it up this year and share your thoughts! I really want to hear from you - women and men! Women, what are your thoughts about the corset trend and fellas, how do you feel about women wearing them? Check out this link to "Train your waist, naturally"! Click here to learn what "Waist Training" really means from Lean Secrets!

I encourage you all, including myself, to train for a healthy life - nutritious foods, effective workouts, and fashions that compliment your body type. Get ready, because I will be posting more about fashion and fitness, including videos, how to's and more this year. Let LIVING and LOOKING your best be a 2016 goal of yours, just remember to treat yourself with respect and adoration along the way.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts! I'm still on the fence about waist training but the fence is leaning more towards, Mmmm, NOPE! :D

~Glitter Kisses

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