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Amaretto Jerk Salmon Pon Di Grill

As you all know I am Nok The Connoisseur. A man of the arts & lover of music but today I am delving into the art of fine cuisine and there is most definitely a special treat on the menu. Experimenting with food & liquor pairing is an exciting way to spend quality time cooking with my oole' lady the Miami Culture Maven herself.

Being the grill master between us two, I decided to make a jerk salmon with a hint of Disaronno for a beautiful blend. By the title of this post you can tell we travelled to Jamaica for this one. The sweet & spicy combo of the jerk seasoning & Disaronno seamlessly mesh over the grill. Add hickory chips to your charcoal for an added smoked flavor and to give that extra kick sending the taste buds into a frenzy. We added a side of roast corn in the husk, rice & sweet potato {~boniato variety~}for an amazing meal that set us up for an enjoyable evening at the movies.

What's your perfect pairing??? I'm sure you all have some pretty tasty ideas, I would love if you comment below with a great food & liquor pairing. Next time I will be trying out a chicken and wine recipe, should be awesome! Well, 'til next time folks, be blessed & stay cultured my friends.

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