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Community Culture : Soultry Speakeasy

The Soultry Speakeasy is a fine dining experience that highlights the prohibition era ‘Harlem Renaissance’ culture featuring a culinary pairing of food, wine & spirits reminiscent of the cultural, social, and artistic explosion that took place in Harlem in the 1920s thru mid-1930s. During this period New York City’s Harlem district was transformed into a fabled cultural center; inspiring a legendary creative movement of early 20th Century African American writers, musicians, poets, and artists of every medium!

CHIC WINE EVENTS, LLC is a brand ambassador for businesses that understand and are seeking to align themselves with unique marketing opportunities for their companies. We market an elegant, yet vibrant 5-course dining experience to the young professional, established entrepreneur, travelled and well-rounded individual. This target market appreciates a full cultural experience when dining; sultry music, artistically plated food creations, boutique wines and hand-crafted cocktails They seek unique experiences in an exclusive setting and that is what Chic Wine Events delivers through their events.

Join us for the Soultry Speakeasy on 9.27.15 @ 6-10pm adorned in your best contemporary 'NeoVintage' garb!

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Photo Credits: Innovative Arts Photography

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