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Monumental Museum

Funnily enough, as small as my isand of Jamaica actually is in comparison to the many countries of the world, our heroes pack a monumental punch {~we likkle but we tallawaa!~} Of course our first international super star who actually put Jamaica in the global spotlight is none other than the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley or as we call him 'Bob'.

I had the pleasure and honor of visiting The Bob Marley Museum on my recent business trip to Kingston. His family has taken good care to preserve the authenticity of the house where Bob & his clan lived on Hope Road. I had quite a magical experience just physically standing in the very same place where Bob's creative spirit danced all about the very essence of his home. Many of his {~as well as the Marley crew & Lauryn Hill's~}most popular hits were made in the studio that stands firmly in the front of the house. It's like entering a time capsule where his story stands still enough for the viewer to pay close attention to the overlooked details in Bob's life. Even journeying to the back of the house, where evidence of the attempted assassination lingers on like the spirit of a friend gone too soon, is so surreal.

I met two Rastas who actually knew Bob in life in the backyard. First was the elder, Georgie as in "Keep the fire light" Georgie. He was so kind hearted and gave me a big bunch of sweet juicy guinneps. The other, a Master Drummer Bongo Herman who I played lead drum with while he accompanied. I was floating as if upon cloud nine.

It's truly as if the spirit of The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley stills exists in that place with his smiling face, kaya in hand, swinging in his hammock while overlooking Jamaica's highest peak, proud & firm.

Photos taken on iPhone

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