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A Tribute To Vogue

One of the best parts of traveling is the reading time it affords. So seeing the super thick issue of September's VOGUE at every marketplace I went to before leaving Miami had me practically salivating on command {~ lol ~}. I grabbed a copy for the plane ride to Kingston and was obviously brimming with glee to open it's first pages. There is always such endless inspiration for image makers in the iconic publication that has shaped our culture for over a century now. As you all may know, VOGUE'S September issue is die for! Seeing all the season's trends from the fashion experts is as if being transported to the global catwalks of the fiercely fashionable and boldly dazzling ends of the earth {~ cue Professional Operatic Soprano please ~}

My absolute without a doubt favorite piece so far {~ as I've only gotten to page 583 ~} is the tribute to the striking original images from days past & gone. Appropriation is one of the highest forms of flattery in art history & fashion photography is the medium of choice. These remixes of VOGUE inspiration are such a wonderful homage to a handful of our world's most creative people, the VOGUE editors. Though I would have loved to see any of Pioneer Beverly Johnson's {~ the first Black woman to grace the cover of VOGUE ~} or Jamaican-by-heritage Super Model Naomi Campbell's iconic shoots from the 90's, I won't hold the grudge.

Images taken using screen shot via Shazam on my iPhone in Kingston JA {~ hence the digicel signal lol ~} A picture is clearly worth a thousand words & I surely suggest going to the Shazam app for your own experience, as each of the stories is creatively animated in GIF form, quite entertaining if I may say so.

A Wild Story

A Sweet Story

A Sunny Story

A Shopping Story

A Pointed Story

A Plaid Story

A Mod Story

A Golden Story

A Frozen Story

A Colorful Story

A Classic Story

A Getaway Story

A Beautiful Story

A Bold Story

A Checked Story


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