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Missing Ms. Badu

I don't know about you but I most certainly am missing the old Erykah Badu's unapologetically regal fashion styling. I know I know, artists are ever evolving beings who cannot stay trapped in a box, I get it, it's so meh. She still pays the occasional homage to the Motherland with hair styling, ankara fabric & tribal inspired makeup but I'm just saying I the only one who's tired of seeing Ms. Badu in overalls and a farmer's hat on stage? She hasn't brought that BADU style we all know and adore to any of her latest Miami shows has she? When's the last time she even WORE a headwrap? Or has she simply outgrown it? But I digress, I'm still a loving fan and absolutely cannot do without her entire discography, just let me reminisce for a moment though...


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