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To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

THAT IS THE QUESTION! There comes a time in a small business owner's life when "The Great Overwhelm" threatens their very existence as human beings! {~cue scary scream from Michael Jackson's Thriller here please!~}

As a few of you may know, I began Miami Culture Maven in January, amidst running a photography business on it's path to rebranding heaven. At this 7 month old stage, I am being forced to re-evaluate my priorities. SO.......some of the social media accounts have started looking like extra fat and BABY IT'S TIME TO BURN!

I just finished taking Dean Street Society's Instagram With Intention Class and it definitely has me rethinking twitter. So Twits lemme ask you this...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY?! {~dun dunun dun dun ooooo oooooo yeah~}Janet Jacksonism intended!

Needless to say I'm leaving you twitter and don't try to stop me. Things ain't working out, you ain't pulling ya weight! It was nice meeting you but....we're moving on to focus on instagram with intention! Time to leave the tweeting to the birds! xoxo

Join the party on instagram!


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