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Summer Greens

Don't you just love summer greens? {~And I'm not just talking wardrobe people!~} I love gardening & my summer greens include herbs like basil, thyme, oregano, mint, leaf of life & callalloo. But enough about me....don't you just love when your neighbors' zucchini grows on your side of the fence?!? Let's hope they gift me a nice fat one for my bday AND for NOT cutting down their vine {~which most definitely attracts snakes~} I absolutely adore homemade zucchini veggie burgers. You should try em! Great texture & easy to season so here's a recipe for my fave! {~found on} Thoughts? Please leave your comment below. Until next time Mavens xoxo

Noteworthy: Goddess Fashion Factory Clutch & Statement Neck Piece; Ralph Lauren Leather Peek-a-Boo Pumps {~complete with cutest bow ever~}; Shell Inlaid Coconut Earrings gifted by my bestie from Costa Rica; Jinx By Jacqui Faux Horn Choker; Engraved Horn Bangles from Toledo, Spain & Nigeria, West Africa; GAP Wicker Fedora

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