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Lavish Library: Metu Neter

This past Memorial Weekend I was fortunate to enjoy a lazy sunday on the beach with friends, family & a good book. The Metu Neter is one that I've been thumbing through for the past 5 years or so. Quite a challenging read not only in terms of comprehension, but also on a spiritual level. I feel like certain chapters hold more or less relevance in my life at different times. My favorites are the chapters on the various levels of creation & meditation. Not a read for the faint of heart, but anybody who considers themselves to be spiritually enlightened should give it a go! And how could I forget to mention the fact that it teaches from an African-centered, namely Kemetic {~Ancient Egyptian~} point of view {~definitely a plus!~}. I enjoy it 1-2 chapters at a time and my copy has plenty of highlighters streaks present! So I lazed around in a bikini & challenged my mind. What could be better? :p

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