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Planet Mined Fashion Editorial

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon during Ankara Miami Fashion Week 2015, at the Alessandra Gold Concept Store's Ankara Miami Pop Up Shop, an idea was born. I walked into the AGCS photography studio where a most interesting conversation was taking place. Erika Everett or "E" of Unapologetic Presence was enveloped in dialogue with the creator of Plateau Fashion Magazine, a local publication that stratgeically provides a platform for urban fashion in Miami. The next round of submissions only had to display one simple theme...DENIM. It was there, that the magic began.......

"On behalf of all things denim, we would like to welcome you to the world of Planet Mined (which is "denim" spelled backwards, and pronounced "MinNed"). Planet Mined is ruled by 'Queen Flare', the destructive yet fierce Goddess willing to preserve her planet by any means necessary while rocking her denim cloak of armor. Expressing her style with designs from reconstructed jeans from denim bodysuit and cape to a tattered jumpsuit with fishnet stockings - fashionably ready to save the day!"

Model: Alana Smith

Photographer: Tracy Ann Simmonds {Innovative Arts Photography}

Designer: Erika Everett {Unapologetic Presence}

Hair: Simone Hylton {Natural Trendsetters}

MUA: ChaVonne {ChaVonne G. Makeup}

Stylist: Anjela Smith {AMarie Fashionista}

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