January 12, 2020

A meditation for Black girls to let go of anything that has been holding them back in their personal lives.

A prayer for the inner me to meet the inner me.

A healing vibration was my only intention while working to master my natural rhythms.

Ebbs and flows like the tide of the great oceans that restore my soul.

It's time for Black girls to release the pain caused by the ignorance about our truest history.

Our stories are...

December 3, 2019

I'm totally jumping for joy as we enter another year of Miami Art Week where fine arts rein supreme and cash is still king. It's ironic that when I moved here 10 years ago there were no shows that I can say I attended just to specifically see what the current pool of Black genius birthed onto the scene. My how things have changed and haven't our cups just been overflowing with artistic acumen! The Greater Miami Conve...

October 26, 2019

Since moving to South Florida 10 years ago I have had the pleasure of meeting some top notch players in this game of life and business. Maybe the most well rounded, poised, cultural change agents in the marketing circle is Yvette Harris of Harris Public Relations. I mean like when we talk about super women, overflowing with Black Girl Magic out the ying yang, with a cherry on top, la creme de la creme, Yvette is one...

October 17, 2019


Griot's Gallery and Academy is teaming up with Artist Frank Frazier for another year of Art Basel Miami activities at the Center For Haitian Studies in Little Haiti, featuring original art for sale by Black Artists from across the nation.

Open daily from 12pm-7pm on Friday December 6 through Sunday December 8 with a closing reception Sunday afternoon at 3pm featuring some of the original Fl...

October 2, 2019

Unless you have the luxuries of time, an extensive budget, and a glam squad on deck united by vision and time freedom, we photographers with a passion for fashion go guerilla and create by any means necessary. One of my BFFs since the summer of age 13, known globally as Kira Divine has always been down to muse for a quick refreshing shoot. It's customary for me to pack a bag and meet her wherever she is in the world...

September 18, 2019

Confession: I've never made an actual sculpture outside of ceramic class as a child and it is one of my life's goals as a fine artist. Once my insane schedule calms down {as if...} I will make time to study all idiosyncrasies of sculpting from wax to clay and bronze to stone. In the mean time in between time, I was privileged enough to ask premier Jamaican Sculptor Basil Watson some questions as he prepares for his u...

July 29, 2019

For most culture mavens here on the East Coast, even a casual mention of the phrase Dance Africa lights up our eyes. And for those of us who are lifelong students of traditional and contemporary African Diasporic performing arts, the annual revival of our artistic essence has returned, resuscitating us for yet another year. In Miami Dance Africa takes place August 2-4, 2019 at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex 212 NE...

July 15, 2019


TA: Ok so I'm sitting down with Dedra Adams & Jasmine Nicole of the erotic design brand Monokoque LLC and I have  to  begin by telling you ladies how iconic your photograph of the mother breastfeeding her baby mid-street on Hollywood Beach is. Where did the...

July 11, 2019

Hey Mavens,

   So I listen to a lot of Seth Godin on youtube, especially on Evan Carmichael's channel where his one word is BELIEVE and he compiles our favorite iconic successful people. Seth Godin is one of them, growing up in New York he could have easily been one of my school administrators. Yes Mr. Godin, no Mr. Godin, rolls eyes at Mr. Godin etc. so honestly I feel connected with him in a teacher student dyn...

July 9, 2019

    So with all of the final touches in order, I have finally given my printer the "go-ahead" to fulfill my first order of 100 copies of The Vision Project A Coloring Book For Black Girls Who Rock :) I have been working on the digital drawings in this book for the last 2 years and the art series of the same name for the last 8 years. This is such an exciting time in life and as I watch this book process unfold,...

June 3, 2019

It wasn't until long after my mother finished her Bachelor of Science in Human Behavioral Science that I dug into the history of our Mother-Daughter dynamic to realize that she is a natural born therapist. As a single mother since I was 2 years old, she always filled my schedule with private school, piano lessons, dance classes, pictures, recitals, costumes, ceramics class, book making and the total overall lifestyle...

May 7, 2019

Fellow Artists, have you ever had to go into a space and create an art gallery where there were no gallery elements present? When I work with Frank Frazier and other Artists/Gallerists, they always shows me how to create a customized, portable presentation space in unconventional places using carpeted panels. The time lapse video below is how we set up a night club aboard one of the ships in the Carnival Cruise line...

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