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Post Hurricane Irma: Speechless

Processing my thoughts and emotions post hurricane Irma has left me slightly speechless. To think about my family & friends who still have not had their electricity restored, those of us displaced from our homes, those of us with no clean clothes, even those of us nearly unscathed poses so many questions in my mind, too many to think about...only I can't stop thinking about them.

Family & friends in New York, Jamaica and St Maarten calling & texting non-stop made for a huge amount of anxiety so in order to appease them I made a make-shift phone battery when we lost power in order to post on Facebook to let folks hint hint,{ Mommy } know I was a survivor come hell or high water. {Click here to see my survival skills lol}

My good friend Crystal Mathis has really written such an eloquent account in regards to the aftermath of Irma, a great read indeed which has given me such a fresh perspective.


September 12, 2017

After the storm, my family and I sat silently in a stuffy room with the windows open gazing at uprooted trees, scattered debris and flooded streets. Cell phones were out of service, but honestly, there was nothing to say. Questions like, “How are you holding up?”, seemed like an invitation for the strong to mask truth and for the weak to exaggerate despair. I wasn’t in the mood. The unnatural humming of generators confirmed widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Irma’s wind and rain. The block was powerless, but I couldn’t help but wonder if power truly lied in our thoughts and in our essence. Born September 17, almost 36 years ago, I was ready to overthink, over-analyze and over-process the purpose of storms in our lives.

The power of atmospheric change: Have you ever walked into a room and changed the atmosphere (or seen someone do it)? It’s a gift to be able to introduce a fresh perspective and be received with little to no objection. This is a talent of epic proportions when done properly. Let’s recall how Oprah Winfrey added reality to daytime television, how FloJo attached beauty to track and field, and how Barak Obama brought soul into politics. Their presence didn’t change everyone but it certainly changed the atmosphere around everyone. Their essence shook the foundation and redesigned the culture of their respective industries without compromise. They refused to allow status quo to darken their outlook. I think hurricane season is God’s way of changing the atmosphere for our benefit. Maybe the air was stale… Maybe our routine was stagnant… Maybe our faith was fleeting… And just maybe, God wanted to increase our belief, reignite our dreams, restore our gifts and magnify our talents…

I am reminded of Press Release Marketing. Designed to transform ordinary into extraordinary by using events to expose brands, services and products to their target market, it was birthed from the aftermath of a storm. My 2013 storm was being laid off from my job of 7 years. I was in a very cozy and comfortable place, yet on the verge of breaking but held together by invisible bandages. That storm interrupted my regularly scheduled program and brought about a change of atmosphere. I had to rethink, redesign and rearrange a few replaced things. I was hoping we could celebrate and discuss our atmospheric changes at my dinner party on Sunday, September 17 at Gigi’s Music Cafe. There will be great food, amazing music, an entertaining host, surprise artist friends and hopefully, you!

Crystal Mathis

Marketing Director at Press Release Marketing, LLC

Event Hosting - Marketing - Public Relations

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