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B-Day Behaviour

This B-day weekend was all about exploration for me & as usual I decided to take my family & friends for the ride. And it's not over yet, as Jamaican people say "yuh born July" I most definitely celebrate for the whole month & count my blessings in the process.

Saturday Highlights:

Tarzan in 3D at Sawgrass 23 & IMAX

Before Soju & Plum Wine....

Noteworthy: Ankara Print Harem Pants by The Glitter Agency

After Soju & Plum Wine...any questions?! Lol

Sunday Highlights:

Feeding Horses at Peaceful Ridge Rescue

Red, White & Sparkling Wine Mixer at Living Sculpture Sanctuary hosted by Chic Wine Events

Monday Highlight:

Pool party & BBQ at home with the ever growing family!

Soooooo grateful for another year to be happy, healthy, creative & enjoy life to the fullest. Hope you had a great holiday weekend, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE!

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