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Treats & Tresses

What do you call an intimate gathering of radiant, natural, powerful women with cultural fashion flair & indulgences of only the most exquisite kind? Why Treats & Tresses of course! Now in their 3rd year of collaboration with Ankara Miami Inc, Natural Trendsetters Salon has once again proven itself to be the true authority in natural hair care by approaching the science from an internal health perspective. We enjoyed local wine by Von Xavier Wines and vegan goodies by The Vegan Sweet Spot {~sister company CB Sweet Designs~} while becoming more educated on achieving beauty from within. Most importantly, Simone gave us some of the best advice ever:


1. Take youtube tutorials with a grain of salt, everybody is different and lots of people get paid to endorse products so find what works for you

2. If your homemade twist out looks lopsided, go see her pronto! She can and will DEFINITELY hook you up

3. 4C, 3B, 3D blah blah blah are a made up system to sell products, DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO THE HYPE!

4. Von Xavier wines do not leave you with headaches! {~Oh....that was for me ha, the coconut limey hand crafted goodness just revisted my tastebuds and transported me mentally to the beach, sighs...~}

5. If your hair isn't acting right, you may be having an allergic reaction to something. Pay attention to your diet

6. Co-washing IS NOT A THING! YOU BETTER WASH YOUR HAIR WITH SHAMPOO TO CLEAN UP THE BUILD UP, DO NOT GO TO HER TALKING 'BOUT YOU HAVEN'T WASHED YOUR HAIR IN A YEAR OR YOU MAY GET PUT ON BLAST {~or worse, grow mold!~} Before she restores your tresses back to health that is :)

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