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Passion For Goddess Factory Fashion

Miami Culture Maven: Hi Loreal so nice to sit with you to talk a little about your line Goddess Fashion Factory, you know you're one of my favs in Miami. So please tell us how you got started.

Loreal Banks: Well in 2003 I got my first sewing machine & I actually started learning to se in my church. Then in 2005 I attended American Intercontinental University to study fashion marketing & fashion design. So I've been in business officially since 2005, formerly known as L. Banks Styles.

MCM: What is your absolute best seller?

LB: O definitely the Goddess Fashion Factory infiniti scarves! The matching clutches come in a close second.

MCM: I always like to personally interact with designers I support. WIll you be vending at any upcoming events in Miami?

LB: Yes, 2 that I'm really excited about. I'm being featured as an emerging designer in this year's Ankara Miami Fashion Week Feb 19-21. As you know my accessory line has been at the forefront of Goddess Fashion Factory lately so, It's inspiring me to get back into clothing design for 2015. Also, I have a Raw Artist feature on March 5 at LMNT Studios in Wynwood. That should be amazing because it's a more diverse crowd of talent & artistry. There are other features including poets, musicians, visual artists, photographers & make up artists so I'm happy to be incorporating my designs within the fabric of what's hot on the art scene in Miami. More info can be found at

MCM: Well I am so happy for you Loreal & I look forward to seeing Goddess Fashion Factory as a staple Miami fashion line soon, It's definitely on my list of top 5. Where can readers shop your designs?

Loreal: I have an etsy shop which you can find at & please reach out to me on social media, just search Goddess Fashion Factory on FB, IG & Twitter.

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