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What The FALL!? 2015 Fall Fashion Trends To Rock Or Knock

Hey Rockstars!!!!

Now that we are well into the fall season, "The Glitter Agency", our latest image consulting addition, has taken the privileged duty to assure your style game ROCKS like no other. Below are the latest trends of the season to look out for and enhance your wardrobe with. 2015 Fall Fashion trends, will you ROCK it or KNOCK it!? 1. Bling & The City - Let the over-sized BLINGation sensation commence! And not just rings, we're talking accessories of all sorts - brooches, hair accessories, shades, get your Bling on!

(Photo Credit Source: Elle)

2. Loafers - Want to bring sexy back and "ixnay" the toe bunion? The low, flow loafers might be the look for you this season!

3. Car Wash Pleats - Not really a fan of the lasagna noodle pleats, but you may ROCK them out! Tag @BeUnapologetic, #TheGlitterAgency if you do!

4. Booty Pop Booties! - I've always been a high boot girl, they're sexy and sophisticated (Not to mention they assist with entertaining my personal belief that I'm tall - 5'3.5", an yes the half counts! lol) Combat boots have taken a tugging to my fashion heart lately, I'll definitely be scooping a pair this season, with a vamp pop of lip color!

5. Happy Hemlines - Adding personality to the pencil skirt! #WeLove

6. Furry Feet - Makes me want to cuddle even if I'm at the post office. Hmmmmm, be sure to plan, plot, and strategize the faux, fur, feet fun, weather could cause the wet-cat look which is an unapologetic NO-GO!

7. Cuffin' Season - Definitely love this look, it's so unexpected and unapologetic!

8. Glove Love - Just because we're in South Florida doesn't mean we can't ROCK gloves, why not get creative a cut the finger tips for a little rocker edge (& ventilation lol!)

9. 50 Suits of Grey - Remember to add the pop of lip and a spectacular jaw dropping handbag to this look. #BusinessFab

10. High Waisted - it's all about the art of allusion with a nice cinched waist and straight slacks or fun-flaired A-line skirt.

11. One Shoulder Wonders - "Give 'em a little shoulder and take it right back!" (Memorable Cosby Show moment). Such a sexy number screamsss, "My sexy shoulder slay will not be defeated with the change of season, even it's one-sided."

12. Fringe Funk- FUN! FUN! Flirttttyyyyyyyy!!! Skirts, Jackets, even shoes! Makes me just want to twirl and shimmy just because I can!

13. Plaid & Simple - Not my favorite "Must-Have" but I'm interested to see how you ROCK it. Plaid mentally takes me to indoctrinated schooling. Rules. Boundaries. Uniformity. MAKES ME ITCH!

14. Skinny Scarves - For my ladybugs that can't stand too much around the neck area, here's a comfortable, minimalistic accent to an everlasting Fall/Winter season trend.

15. Tights - Although contradictory, tights actually provide liberation. They provide the coverage, protection, and much needed warmth to the legs so that we can still wear skirts or sweater dresses throughout the cold season. Definitely digging the sexy imprint on stilts!

16. Nouveau Victorian - High collars, ruffles, and lace - OH MY!!!!! Or shall we say, Oh My JEUGE!!!!

Now go forth, and conquer the season!

The Glitter Agency has well prepared you, for the change of season will never delay the SLAY!!!! Be sure to tag us when you do @beunapologetic @miamiculturemaven #TheGlitterAgency Image Consulting available to develop your Signature Style, contact today!

Glitter Kisses!

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