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Cultivating & Casual Rendezvous

Even when I have a day scheduled just to run errands, I find myself trying to impress.....well myself :)

After all, a good wardrobe day can push any negative thoughts to the back of my mind & I feel simply unstoppable! This was my comfy yet stylish outfit while I cultivated in my garden & had a few casual rendezvous {~aka ran my errands lol~}. My favorite piece in this ensemble is the vintage style Ann Taylor top that I scored for a whole $5.00! Unbelievable right?! Thanks to my good friend Aguy Smith, Co-Owner of Dezign Nation & Head Stylist of ViNu Styling Studio, I occasionally get amazing pieces when she has her $5.00 everything must go sales! {~Mandatory attendance!~} Check her out on IG @Iam_Aguy and keep close watch for those amazing sales!

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