Louboutin Let Down

January 21, 2015

Any self-proclaimed fashionista looks forward to enhancing their own personal collection with high fashion name brands. Let's keep it real, knock off just ain't cuttin it! So when I decided to treat myself to some nail color by none other than the High Priest of Women's Footwear, Christian Louboutin, it was a very momentous occassion....or so I thought! 


The famed shoe designer's nail laquer line boasts of [and I quote] "flawless, chip-resistant coverage". Granted I'm a hard working young woman with an insanely busy schedule, ranging from carrying photography equipment to working on a computer 7 hours a day, I was hoping for better. At $50 per bottle I figured "well if it lasts long like a gel manicure then it might be worth the money". 


Couldn't be further from the truth! I'm ashamed to admit it but I also bought the base & top coat kit for $55. A whopping $105 +tax down the drain. I guess it might probably maybe in a perfect world, work if you never touch anything but for my lifestlye, a complete and utter FAIL!


....At least the bottles are pretty :(

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